Fabric For Cosplayers

I couldn’t make it as  web series, so I turned it into a website: Fabric For Cosplayers, for folks just learning how to sew who are totally intimidated when they go into the fabric store. AKA the guide I wish I had twenty years ago. 

At the moment, there are 112 entries, mostly definitions of various fabric types, but also overviews about materials, and posts on related topics such as why foundation garments matter. 

I’m planning to add to it over time, but the final rate depends entirely on if anyone actually visits the damn thing. Still working on that. 😉

Phew. Made It.

I’ve come to the end of my self-imposed post at least 100 words a day for a month challenge and I think I can conclude that I don’t have it in me to keep this up on a regular basis. I’ll cheerfully blather about everything that crosses my mind to friends on Facebook, but in that venue I can post with minimal context. These past 30 days and on this blog, I’ve very much tried to keep the notion of writing for complete strangers on my mind as I’ve bashed these bits out. It turns out that’s not nearly so easy – big surprise.

Not that anyone’s reading, mind you. I have a couple of friends who stop from time to time, but that’s it. This is more about me practicing my writing than it is about getting readers. As frequent practice is better, I’ll keep on with this as best I can, but make no promises as to frequency, moving forward.

On Matters “Steampunk”

I’m building a Gaslamp fantasy rig to hallwalk with at certain conventions. I use the term “Gaslamp fantasy” because I cling – perhaps naively – to the idea that steampunk is our imagining what a bunch of 19th century Brits thought the future might be like. Whereas the outfit I’m piecing together belongs in a headcanon of my own that borrows heavily from the Discworld (specifically the keeping of swamp dragons), with the cracks filled in with dollops of Monty Python, Jasper Fforde and various other sources of absurdity. Still, it’ll be mistaken for steampunk at any distance and I guess I’d better get used to that idea.

I made myself a promise that should I ever make a steampunk ensemble for myself (accidentally or otherwise) that it would not feature goggles or corsetry. Corsets are very cute. I’ve made and worn quite a few through the years, but they’re over-used to the point of ubiquity. Besides, a slightly-scorched dragon-keeper is going to value mobility a lot more than an hourglass figure.

I might have to compromise on the goggles because, whoa, dragons breathe fire and eye-protection is often a good idea in those situations. They’ll be proper, functional things, though. Ugly as I can manage, in fact. And not an ornamental gear in sight.

On Losing Friends…

Ghosting on someone you’re dating is a shitty thing to do.

Ghosting on a friend who’s got a terminal diagnosis is a REALLY shitty thing to do.

I get why it happens. People get scared. They don’t know how to act or what to say to a friend who’s facing the end of their life, and they retreat out of sheer terror of embarrassment, or because they don’t want to face up to feeling so helpless.

Here’s the thing, though. You ghost on that terminal friend, you’re going to regret it. You’re going to hurt the friend – WAY more than if you said the wrong thing, or accidentally made them throw up by bringing over what you thought would be a delicious pizza when they’re on chemo. You’re going to add to the pain of someone who’s already in pain and scared and in need of your love and support.

And you’re going to feel like shit when they’re gone. You won’t be able to apologize to them for being scared. You won’t be able to earn their forgiveness. And you’ll probably spend years trying to forgive yourself.

I totally understand why ghosting happens. I’m guilty of doing it myself. It’s really fucking hard to swallow your pride, to go back to that friend in need and say “I’m sorry I disappeared, but I’m back now. Let’s spend some time together.”

But you won’t regret doing it. I promise.


Arrived in the Portland metro area. The cats are convinced they are victims of terrible wanton cruelty. I’m surrounded by boxes that need unpacking. Bank account SUCKED DRY. Deeper thoughts to follow….

Let’s Try That Again…

Whoo, it’s been a while. Again.

In a nutshell: despite the stem-cell transplant, my father died earlier this year. Four months later, I married the Swain. In a few weeks, we’re leaving the Bay Area for the Pacific northwest.

Yup, that covers the basics.

Once settled in the new place (mental note: think up cutesy nickname) I’m hoping to find my way into the local costuming crowd as well as find a LARP or two to fill up the spare time. But first, I need a job!

And Another Thing…

You’re LARPing. You’re in the groove and you run smack into a situation like the following.

Player X’s character is trying to intimidate Charater Y because of reasons.

Character X: “I’ve got a pair of meat shears and a butane-powered curling iron in my bag. I’m neither a chef nor a stylist. Want to reconsider your position?”*

Now, Player X knows that they’re about as intimidating as your typical My Little Pony character, so they’re going to turn to their numbers to back their action up. **

Player X: “I’m gonna ask you to do a check for intimidation.”

They throw a test. Player X succeeds in the intimidation roll. And yet…

Character Y: “Go fuck yourself.”

Player X: (now thoroughly exasperated at having to drop character some more) “Really? That’s how Character Y is going to respond after failing an intimidation check.”

Player Y: “Well, yeah… He’s just that badass.”

Player X: “…”

What would you do in Player X’s shoes?

– Shrug it off (while mentally planning something terrible for Character Y)
– Push back along the lines of “Dude, I want to see the numbers that back up this bravado.”
– Push back along the lines of “You failed the goddamn check. Act intimidated.”
– Bring a GM into the discussion.

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