Tea: A rant-ette

I’m told that Brits are getting the hang of making decent coffee – although Starbucks might be setting them back a few years – but Americans still don’t quite have the hang of tea. At least, they don’t at you average chain-store coffee place. I understand it’s too much aggravation to take the 190 degree water that’s already heated for the coffee and heat it further to 212 but, dammit, the stuff does taste different when it’s steeped properly. Oh sure, you can get something tea-colored and almost good enough but a Brit newly off the boat (so to speak) would probably be horrified. Me? I’ve gotten used to it. I refuse, however, to use Lipton tea bags. Fortunately, a number of British brands are easy to get over here and there are some excellent purveyors of loose tea, too.

Food, So-Called. Well, Actually…

When eaten fresh out of the package, Peeps are actually pretty good. I don’t know what all the hate is about. It’s just a sugar-coated marshmallow.

Then again, I say this a person who has, of their own free will, eaten Fry’s Turkish Delight and Marmite. Not simultaneously, of course. Even I think that would be going too far.

I found Wagon Wheels at the imported candy shop last week and squealed like a little girl. I’ve grown accustomed to being able to find Galaxy chocolate and Aero bars without too much trouble, but I haven’t seen a Wagon Wheel since I last patronized the tuck shop at my middle school.

Are those still a thing? Tuck shops? Or have they been swept aside by so-called progress?

Fizzy Waters – A Review   

Lime flavored Perrier is delicious, but too expensive. Ditto La Croix’s peach ginger flavor. Ditto all of LaCroix, in fact.

The Safeway house brand (Refreshe) has a lot of flavors (grapefruit is my fave) but the flavoring isn’t as strong as I’d like. It’s faded out by the time I’m halfway down the can.

Schweppes’ black cherry seltzer is my absolute favorite, but it’s difficult to find when out and about.

Canada Dry mixed berry seltzer is a barely-adequate substitute for Schweppes, but more easily found.

Arrowhead is tasty enough, but a bit too… burpy. The carbonation is a little over-enthusiastic, I guess.

The Only Reason I Notice Easter

Oh, Cadbury mini-eggs, why must you tempt me so with your crisp candy shell and perfectly-sized morsel of chocolate? Not for you the cloying sweetness of the “crème” egg or the dearth of substance that is a marshmallow rabbit. Even the smell when I open a bag – the latest of many – is a delightful promise of the treat to come. Whether robustly crunched or left atop the tongue to quietly melt, you are the perfect Easter candy.

While I mourn your scarcity, you’re only available a few weeks each year, I must give thanks for the sake of my waistline that this is the case.

A Paean To Cheese

Oh god, I love cheese. It’s the bane of my waistline (well, that and chocolate) but I love it so. Stinky blue cheeses, runny French ones and chunky British cheddars all find their way on to the various crackers in my pantry.

Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella is my favorite hot weather meal and broiled cheese on toast (sometimes with Marmite) is my favorite snack in the winter.

But I have no time for boring cheese. Be off with you, Monterey jack, provolone and strangely emulsified “cheese food” slices! Those strange red-waxy ovals must never darken my door. And you can shove that cheeze in a can where the sun don’t shine, mister.

Should you wish to win my good opinion, bring cheese.