Just Who Is This Person, Anyway?

I’m a second generation geek who first encountered the notion of an internet back in the days of WWIV BBS. I wasn’t quite writing my emails on cuneiform tablets, but it was close. I’m not at all nostalgic for that era.

Otherwise, I’m an English expatriate living in the Pacific northwest with one husband, two cats, a few sewing machines and almost too many books. Sometimes I write things. Other times, I sew. I’m often online, usually with the handle Britgeekgrrl. You can learn more by visiting skaro.com.

Walking to Canterbury is my public blog, although I’m not very good about posting on a regular basis. I hope to run some new LARPs under the same name, so you might see it popping up at certain gaming conventions and such like. Otherwise, I might be found at sundry geek and/or costume-friendly events such as Gallifrey One and Clockwork Alchemy.

As ever, money is the sincerest form of flattery – especially since my husband’s PC blew up.

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