Politics. Again.

Herr Trump’s campaign is starting to make the kind of mistakes that, one hopes, presage a large scale disaster. The GOP has realized that uniting in taking him down is a better use of their time than disingenuously wondering how this happened in the first place*. I’m hoping for an entertaining bloodbath at the convention in July, but unless Kasich sells his soul to the ghost of Dwight Eisenhower, it’s either gonna be Cruz or Trump getting the nomination and I just can’t trust the Democratic party to stoop to whatever depths will be necessary to keep them out of office. Not that I’m dancing at the idea of another Clinton in office**, mind you, but the lesser of three evils, you dig?

Of course, since the GOP have got themselves a lock on the legislature until the day Citizens United is overturned (fat chance) it’ll be another four years of obstructionism but better that than starting a slew of new wars within a month of the inauguration, I guess.
*These guys never read Frankenstein, did they?

**As a reformed socialist, myself, I love Sanders, but he doesn’t stand a chance.

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