On Matters “Steampunk”

I’m building a Gaslamp fantasy rig to hallwalk with at certain conventions. I use the term “Gaslamp fantasy” because I cling – perhaps naively – to the idea that steampunk is our imagining what a bunch of 19th century Brits thought the future might be like. Whereas the outfit I’m piecing together belongs in a headcanon of my own that borrows heavily from the Discworld (specifically the keeping of swamp dragons), with the cracks filled in with dollops of Monty Python, Jasper Fforde and various other sources of absurdity. Still, it’ll be mistaken for steampunk at any distance and I guess I’d better get used to that idea.

I made myself a promise that should I ever make a steampunk ensemble for myself (accidentally or otherwise) that it would not feature goggles or corsetry. Corsets are very cute. I’ve made and worn quite a few through the years, but they’re over-used to the point of ubiquity. Besides, a slightly-scorched dragon-keeper is going to value mobility a lot more than an hourglass figure.

I might have to compromise on the goggles because, whoa, dragons breathe fire and eye-protection is often a good idea in those situations. They’ll be proper, functional things, though. Ugly as I can manage, in fact. And not an ornamental gear in sight.

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