A Paean To Cheese

Oh god, I love cheese. It’s the bane of my waistline (well, that and chocolate) but I love it so. Stinky blue cheeses, runny French ones and chunky British cheddars all find their way on to the various crackers in my pantry.

Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella is my favorite hot weather meal and broiled cheese on toast (sometimes with Marmite) is my favorite snack in the winter.

But I have no time for boring cheese. Be off with you, Monterey jack, provolone and strangely emulsified “cheese food” slices! Those strange red-waxy ovals must never darken my door. And you can shove that cheeze in a can where the sun don’t shine, mister.

Should you wish to win my good opinion, bring cheese.

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