And Another Thing…

You’re LARPing. You’re in the groove and you run smack into a situation like the following.

Player X’s character is trying to intimidate Charater Y because of reasons.

Character X: “I’ve got a pair of meat shears and a butane-powered curling iron in my bag. I’m neither a chef nor a stylist. Want to reconsider your position?”*

Now, Player X knows that they’re about as intimidating as your typical My Little Pony character, so they’re going to turn to their numbers to back their action up. **

Player X: “I’m gonna ask you to do a check for intimidation.”

They throw a test. Player X succeeds in the intimidation roll. And yet…

Character Y: “Go fuck yourself.”

Player X: (now thoroughly exasperated at having to drop character some more) “Really? That’s how Character Y is going to respond after failing an intimidation check.”

Player Y: “Well, yeah… He’s just that badass.”

Player X: “…”

What would you do in Player X’s shoes?

– Shrug it off (while mentally planning something terrible for Character Y)
– Push back along the lines of “Dude, I want to see the numbers that back up this bravado.”
– Push back along the lines of “You failed the goddamn check. Act intimidated.”
– Bring a GM into the discussion.

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