Office Philosophy – Finding Satisfaction As An Executive Assistant

I’m an executive assistant*. Like many people and their career path, it’s not something I deliberately set out to become but here I am, nonetheless. I fought at the bit for quite a while but I’ve since realized that satisfaction lies in making the most of it. That means bringing thoughtfulness and awareness to a role that many people believe must be the office equivalent of flipping burgers. How wrong they are! Continue reading

Running An Online RPG – Crashing, Burning and Lessons Learned

I’ve played in a handful of online RPGs – generally run on a blog site or a combination of blog-site and chat-forum, and have had a variable time. One game kicked more ass than I can briefly describe, a couple were fun-enough for a couple of months. I started to think about running an online game of my own. There’d be no fuss of trying to get players to a physical location, the resources required, I already had.

I can do this, I told myself. How hard can it be?

You can see where this is going, right? Yep. Stinkeroos, every time I tried – and I tried several times. Looking back, I can see that IĀ made the same mistakes each time. Continue reading

Boozepost: Martinis

I know, I know, the martini is so two years ago but I need to post somethingĀ and it’s this or listen to me bitching about my hypothetical sex life – the fact that it’s hypothetical being the reason for the bitching.

I drink both regular martinis and vodka martinis. While I know my adherence to vodka martinis marks me as a heretic among true martini heads (just wait ’til you hear what I think is an acceptable garnish) I do agree that the now-established fashion of calling anything served in an up glass a martini merits burning at the stake. Continue reading