The I Ching – The Translations On My Bookshelf

I’m not religious. I’m not even “spiritual” – which is a phrase I find some folks use as a cop-out – but I do occasionally consult the I Ching. The best “divination” tools tell you something you already know, but in language that’s impossible to ignore. Being who I am – a person who will never win a prize for self-perception – I often need clue-bats of that magnitude.

As a person who has long lived by the notion of If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing! I’ve accumulated a few translations of the I Ching over the years. For what it’s worth, here are my thoughts on them. Continue reading

Why Vampire LARPs Are Doomed To Fail (Hint: It’s the Setting, Stupid)

I’ve played and GM’d Vampire: the Masquerade LARPs for nearly 15 years* and one conclusion is inescapable: every Vampire chronicle is doomed to fail. Assuming a troupe meets once a month, it takes about two years for the game to collapse into a singularity of power-imbalance, player burnout and a GM who makes an emergency root canal seem like a ray of fucking sunshine in comparison.

This. Always. Happens.

Changing out the GMs can extend the life of a troupe, and, god help us, the frequent character churn encouraged by the setting is, in a way, a help. But Vampire LARPs never really work in the long run. Continue reading

First Post – Sort Of

I’ve finally caught up to the 2010’s and installed WordPress. I decided I couldn’t claim to be all au courant with current web-trends and still be using Blogspot. I’ve moved about 2/3 of the old Blogspot material over here. The rest, I decided, was truly dreadful. If you’re that curious, fire up the Wayback Machine.

Otherwise, expect posts on a variety of topics, usually reflecting whatever hobby or brainworm is occupying my time. I’m a long-time executive assistant, hunting for a new job. I’m a gamer, an ailurophile, a science-fiction fan and an itinerant writer.

I can be found in the usual hangouts – Twitter, Tumblr and such – as britgeekgrrl and you’re welcome to browse around for anything that grabs your fancy.