Oracle Reading #3

Reading #3.

Felt a need to consult the oracle. Will share painfully long dissection of ditto when I get home (it’s all hand-scrawled right now)

changing to

changing to

changing to

*Rolls up sleeves*

Brace yourselves, kids, this is going to be a long one… Continue reading

When Things Become Complicated, Treat Them Simply

It’s time to get back to things that calm and ground me, for reasons I will get into, um, later. Some of you already know what’s going on. The rest of you will have to wait.
It took me far, far too long to upload just a few images to Picasa, which means you’re saved my usual long-winded interpretation.
Question – How to get through what’s ahead/achieve a particular goal I’ve set
29 – K’an – The Abyssal / Double Water / Darkness
(Water over Water)
changing to:
8 – Pi – Holding Together / Union / Accord
(Water over Earth)
and resulting in:
39 – Chien- Hardship / Halting (trouble) / Obstruction
(Water over Mountains)
All of which, boils down to (as briefly as I can put it) the following: Continue reading