*Insert Raging Bile*

Years ago, I happened to be riding the bus and, as inevitably happens, someone who was just the tiniest bit off-center started talking to me. It’s a risk of taking public transit and I accept that.

However, as one can never tell the difference between “harmless” and “carrying a knife” during these encounters, I allowed a minimum of interaction, as per my usual policy.

Almost immediately, my unwanted companion remarked on my accent. I made the usual reply – I’m English, I’ve been in America quite a while, etc, etc.

“That’s odd.” said the erstwhile conversationalist. “You don’t look like an immigrant. I mean, you look American!” Continue reading

*Insert Tremulous Political Comment*

Sometimes, I forget that I’m a US citizen.

I’ve lived in America for over 25 years and certain things become habitual – such as being disenfranchised.

I’m used to tuning out 90% of the political froth around me because if I can’t do anything about it, what’s the point of raising my blood pressure? I’d read the papers, pay attention to the big noise-makers but, in general, ignore it and get on with my life – just like most citizens, now that I think of it.

But I can vote, now! I can’t wait for the mid-year elections. School board, dog-catcher, gubernatorial nominee? You bet I’m going to have an opinion! Lay your propoganda on me, fellas! I might laugh myself sick, but I promise I’ll read it.

But… Continue reading

*Insert Buddhist Comment About Possessions And Evil Thereof*

As part of the whole becoming-a-supposed-adult process, I’m currently trying to reduce the pile of stuff that represents thirteen years of life with someone down to a pile appropriate for a widow who anticipates a significant drop in her standard of living – and square footage to live it in – in the next few months.

Naturally, the winnowing out process has bothered me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Continue reading