An Update and An Announcement of Sorts

I’m working again, as an admin/office manager for a small business in San Francisco. For reasons of confidentiality – mine and theirs – that’s all I’m going to say about my career in a public forum. Why yes, I’ve finally learned my lesson about public disclosure on the blogosphere. You give one interview to the networks about blogging something extremely stupid, and the friends and family never let you forget it. Continue reading

Why Is This Fun, Again? I’m Not Even Getting Paid!

I’m writing a LARP (live action roleplaying game) for an event that is approaching a little faster than I’d like.

I’ve reached the point of hating every character with a burning, fiery passion, and I’ve still five more of the little bastards to churn out. The primrose path of shortcuts and stereotypes beckon but, damn it all, the regular players of my events are a smart lot and thus they need smart characters – more’s the pity.

It wouldn’t be so vexing if I wasn’t morbidly certain that, as ever, the players will run roughshod over the plot and only pay attention to the bits of the character backgrounds that fit into their own preferences and prejudices. It’s definitely the downside of writing LARPs.

I should write scripts. At least bloody actors do what they’re told.