Boozepost: Yet More Proof That Crapsinthes Are, You Know, Crap…

Courtesy of Science Daily: The Green Fairy Was Boozy, But Not Psychedelic.

Of course, the proponents of Czech swill and their ilk will continue to holler and whine about the importance of thujone and their supposed trips on absinthe, but that corner they’ve painted themselves into is getting smaller and smaller.

Still, there’s one good thing about the Czechsinthe emphasis on thujone: they won’t be able to bring their product to the oh-so-desirable US market without some serious backpedaling.

Some dubious brands might be getting their COLAs, but I doubt I’ll be seeing KoSG on the shelves any time soon – thank Christ.


In other booze news: St. George Spirits will be hosting another open house on June 28th. The event is a great way to learn about their products – and try them, of course! If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, check it out.