Passing Thoughts…

You can’t help wondering which genius at the State Department thought that scheduling Gordon Brown’s visit to the US at the same time as the Pope’s would be a good idea.

One assumes that the aforementioned genius is not a fan of New Labour.

Meanwhile, the career situation has become so dire that I’m, once again, thinking about returning to school.

Fortunately, I couldn’t get a student loan to save my life. I say fortunately because I have all the academic rigor of a boiled washcloth. I’m amazed I managed to hack my way through the undergrad courses. A master’s thesis would kill me – or, more likely, leave me surrounded by corpses and with the need for a very good attorney and a PR firm.

How ‘Bout That…?

Damn, it’s been a while. It seems that this is what happens when one decides to keep one’s private life private. Drat. But a note from an online pal has me realizing that I’ve not updated for a while, so…

Browsing the archives, maybe I should rename this journal “Meanderings Of An Incipient Alcoholic”, especially as, earlier today, I interviewed at the company that will be overseeing the marketing of a French absinthe of somewhat dubious quality1. Of course, if I’m hired, I’m sure my opinion of the product will improve almost instantantly. I’ve got bills to pay, you know!

I assure you, faceless reader, there’s a bit more to me that absinthe and vodka – but either I talk about it on The Other Journal (the one that I have to know who you are before you’re allowed to read it) – or it just ain’t that interesting. That’s the risk of being a part of The Other Journal, by the way – you get the juicy bits and the flat-out boring parts, too.

However, I will take this opportunity to tell the costume-wonks out there that I hope I’ll be seeing you at Costume Con 26. Alas, I won’t be showing off anything new from my craft room, but I’ll be happily slinging booze (there it is again!) at the League of Evil Geniuses party, and offering my usual panels on Sci-Fi Militaria and the Costumers’ Hardware Store. Feel free to say hello, should we bump into each other.

PS. Have recently started listening to The Archers. Please advise.

1 – to remain nameless for the moment, as a certain amount of discretion was asked-for.