Passing Thoughts on Doctor Who

I have a theory.

I think Russel T. Davies and Julie Gardner have a bet on as to how far they can push matters before some bureaucratic shmuck in London rings them up and says “Er, did we ask for Queer as Timelords?”

Because there is no way you can’t tell me that the telephone conversation between the Master and the Doctor in The Sound of Drums wasn’t oozing subtext/gay agenda/sheer slashy fun – whatever folks are calling it, these days.

I, for one, am not complaining. But I’m a pervert at heart and probably not a representative sample of the viewing public at large. I was, however, a very happy pervert, last Saturday night. Heh.

On a more serious note, John Simm has managed to win me over as the Master, which has surprised me. I was quite leery of the OTT-ness of it all, at first – during the closing minutes of Utopia – but it became clear during The Sound of Drums that he’s balancing the performance rather nicely between the aforementioned OTT-ness and apparently-normal-but-still-insane. It’s no mean feat. I’m quite impressed and I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Boozepost: Lucid Absinthe

My bottle of Lucid absinthe has finally arrived. I somehow managed to wait a whole day before cracking it open. I must have been exhausted by the spat I got into with UPS regarding their inane delivery policy and the hoops required to pick something up in the evening. Anyways…

Lucid’s color is on the yellow end of a middlin’ peridot. It’s certainly not as vibrant as Ted Breaux’s other offerings (the rightly famous and incredibly tasty Jade absinthes) but it’s a natural color and I’ll take that over the scope green of some crapsinthes, any day. There seemed to be a bit of haze – and for once, that wasn’t my lousy glass-cleaning habits coming to the fore, as I’ve encountered several other reviewers mentioning it, also. I suspect the haze will not be present in future batches – Rome wasn’t built in a day, etc, etc. Continue reading

Boozepost – St. George’s Spirits Open House

The below is taken directly from the St. George Spirits newsletter. Enjoy.


St. George Spirits Summer Open House, July 14th, 2007

Looking for a vacation this summer that takes you away to a sunny island, but that won’t break the bank or use up your vacation time? Then take a spiritual retreat at our Summer Open House and Spirits Camp 2007! Continue reading


…And there I was thinking that the drone of “Braaaaains” was just my coworkers being silly about the upcoming systems conversion. I mean, the month we’ve had, it’s not unexpected. It is Wednesday, after all.

I’ve got the last set of keys for this floor. Well, LA had a set, too, but she was the first to go. That’s what being a receptionist does to you, I guess. I’m locking these crazy motherfuckers up and running for the freight elevator. I got word the UPS guy is making a run for it, so all I have to do is get to the loading dock…

I can’t say I blame Paul & Ami for starting it. There’s too many goddamn people around here as it is – but some warning would have been nice! Oh well, at least they shared the antidote. I just hope those two have some beer left by the time I get to their place. Looting liquor stores is so tedious.

Upon watching "Blink"

I state the following as only a college-educated, slightly emo 30-something can. Because my demographic is, you know, educated and stuff…


Should I ever be within ten feet of Steven Moffat again, I can’t say if I’ll kiss him or kick his ass. Knowing me, it’ll probably be a combination of both. Which costs extra, just so you know.

Family of Blood/Human Nature still wins my gooshy-sentimental award for S291 (and whilst I won’t let anyone else hang the label on me, I’m a big sentimentalist) but, damn, Blink was brilliant in a whole other way. Wow.

1 – Fine. Series 3, if you must.

Lucid: Now Available

Lucid, the first US-legal absinthe since the FDA got silly about wormwood, is available for mail order from Bargain Liquors in New York City. It’s also available at a few other places, all in New York state. No news on when wider distribution will be offered.

The shipping cost is a bit ouchy ($13.50 for UPS ground plus $6 “handling” is the cheapest option) but given that it’s booze and glass, there’s not much that can be done about that.

Naturally, I’ve ignored the monthly budget and ordered a bottle. Review forthcoming upon delivery.

An Open Letter

Dear British PubTrans Websites,

Drop dead.

Oh, wait, you did already.

No love,

– She who is sick of websites that don’t feature ticket prices, route maps or, indeed, hardly any useful information whatsoever.