Slowly Catching Up…

…but I’m not catching up in order, so I watched Human Nature last night, mostly because Paul Cornell is a lovely chap who I won’t hear a word against1.

Excellent eps, and not just because David Tennant is ever so distracting in period togs. I’m told the story is based upon an earlier book, so I think I’ll have to go hit up my friend who’s got, it seems, every single DW book ever and borrow her copy.

My favorite moment would have to be Martha watching the Doctor say “Don’t let me abandon you” and, well, I don’t want to get into spoilers on a public post. But it was brilliant.

On a much more frivolous note, had the “watch” turned out to have no hands on the face, I would have laughed up a lung for reasons known only to me and about a dozen others. No such luck, though. Oh, and that journal was gorgeous. Wow. Much poring-over of screencaps is no-doubt being done by the uber-fans as I type this.

I’m glad I only have to wait a couple of days to see how the story ends. If I’d seen this over the weekend (I was off being debaucherous at a local SF/F convention) I’d probably be climbing the walls right now.


In other news, (public) life proceeds apace as I realize I’ve got 3.5 months left on the current job, and so I must get my ass in gear re: finding some get-out-of-admin opportunities whilst my dole money lasts. Unfortunately, some undisclosable circumstances are getting in the way of my original plan, so I’m having to rein matters in and contemplate on updating my skills the all-American way – by taking on a shitload of debt. What fun.

PS. The When is Lucid going to be available to order? vigil continues. So much for by the end of May.

1 – mostly because he didn’t take a restraining order out on me, no matter how much I deserved it after Gallifrey One. *blush* I try not to be too fangirly, but sometimes it gets ahead of me…

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