Le Sigh…

Alas, my (apparently last) Pontarlier glass has fallen victim to the costuming blitz. I had to run to the sink to deal with something very goopy and the glass was beside it, on the tile counter. I bumped it with an elbow as I wrestled a can of industrial-strength acetone and you can guess the rest.

The glass was one of two, which would be some consolation but, unfortunately, the second glass hasn’t been seen since the last absinthe drinkup I organized for a few friends. I fear it was an anonymous casualty of a guest’s tipsiness – a whole bunch of glasses got smashed and I’m not sure if all of the casualties were identified. They’re replaceable, yes, but that particular set was a gift from someone and so sentiment is involved. Sigh.

I have some Belle-Epoque-ish thrift-store glasses which I can use in the meantime but it won’t be the same. Nothing releases the vapors like a Pontarlier glass. *mutter*

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