Yet More News re: Lucid Absinthe

Via the remarkably well-informed folks at

7,000 bottles of Lucid will be hitting the shelves – mostly on the east coast – at the end of May.

The same informed source has tried the product, and had some surprisingly good things to say about it – silly packaging, aside. It was described as having a flavor more comparable to JE, rather than JNO or PF1901, which is fine by me, as I prefer the Edouard over the NO, anyways. Just hearing that it can be discussed in the same sentence as one of Combier’s better products is a good sign.

I’ve upgraded my feelings about Lucid from frankly skeptical to cautiously optimistic.

Now I need to make sure that my east coast pals can snag me a bottle. Fortunately, a more-local friend of mine is scheduled for a business trip to NYC at the end of the month, so my luck might be in.

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