Recent Realizations

Ticket pricing for rail service in Britain is a strange and arcane process that I will never understand. All I can do is plan everything 60 days in advance and hope that I’m not committed to going from Liverpool to Bangor by way of Cambridge, or something.

Pre-Emptive Strike Against Gloom

Right, then. I’m facing a couple of emotionally rough days (depression! It’s what’s for dinner! Hang on, that’s not how it goes…) so that means I’m going to throw myself into a couple of very silly, very distracting projects, lest the emo get knee-deep.

1) Research travel on the cheap in the UK without resorting to anything that features the words Virgin Trains and/or bus.

2) Research similarly cheap digs in central Paris for one or two nights.

3) Determine which organ I’d have to sell to get an open-ended SFO/LHW plane ticket. I’m trying to leave myself room for options, you see, although I suspect said ticket will cost far too much to be feasible for my vaguely-formed plans.

4) Watch the ten most popular hits for the search term kittens on YouTube.

5) Count the quarters in my piggybank and see if I have enough dosh for a sample of pre-ban absinthe1. A mere snip at 120GBP for 30 ccs…

6) Research restaurants in Blighty whereat a person can eat a decent dinner and get away for no more than thirty quid per head, exclusive of wine.

7) Fill up one of my fountain pens2 with “invisible” (UV-reactive) ink, toss my natty little sonic screwdriver toy into my bag and drive my co-workers utterly insane around the office.

1 – of course I don’t.

2 – I have several. Doesn’t everyone?

Boozepost – Hendrick’s Gin

When a person thinks of Scotland and booze, said person doesn’t tend to think gin – but they should.


Hendrick’s gin.

Ignore the slightly smug marketing materials associated with the product – It’s not for everyone; Preferred by one in a thousand gin drinkers, etc, etc. Just get your hands on some and try it. Continue reading

Boozepost – St. George’s Spirits

St. George’s Spirits is a distillery located on the grounds of the former Alameda US Navy base in Alameda, CA. The distillery occupies a vacant hangar, which offers space not only for the creation of product, but also for bottling runs, which occur throughout the year. St. George’s offers approximately a dozen products, including eau de vie, single malt whisky, flavored vodka (under the Hangar One label) and liqueurs. An on-site tasting room (open daily) gives visitors the opportunity to try most of the product line, as well as a glimpse of the production facilities.

Right, that’s enough of the dry stuff. This place is deeply nifty and you need to go there. Trust me. Continue reading

Looking Up?

Barring any sudden surprises at the totally unsurprising “Notification Interview” I have coming up in an hour or so, I’ll be let go from my current job in mid-September.

Don’t bother feeling sorry for me, as it’s not a job I particularly like – it’s not a career I particularly like – and, for a change, I’m getting a good severance package, job assistance, etc, etc. Really, it’s the nicest layoff I’ve ever been through and as this makes five redundancies in seven hires, I should know. Why, yes, I did ride the dot-com rollercoaster. I enjoyed every minute of it, too.


Let it be known that Jack Davenport is now on the list of actors I want to put into leather shorts and spank until he cries.

However, it’s for sheerly prurient reasons, and not because I hate his guts, which is why I want to do the same to Tom Cruise. There’s humiliation and humiliation.

(This post brought to you via a stunningly dull 2.5 hour meeting and the lovely spring day that’s taunting me from the other side of the office windows.)

Lo! I Am Like Unto A Goddess! (Or Something)

Last night, I was treated to a glass of pre-ban absinthe.

Witnesses have told me that little red satin hearts flew out around my head at the sight of the bottle. Anyone who knows me will be unsurprised by this report.

It was extremely lovely, although I can barely begin to describe the taste – rich, with a hint of caramel and mint, and a long finish, with complex bitterness and just…wow. I’m the luckiest gal in town.

Passing Question

In keeping with my policy of refusing to watch any film the media squeals about until at least a year has passed after the release date, I finally watched The Talented Mr. Ripley last night.

I can’t decide if it’s very homophobic, somewhat queer-friendly, or both.

It was an entertaining film, yes, but the above conundrum is getting in the way of any further processing, dammit.

On days like this, I wish my film degree hadn’t rusted shut.